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Episode 39: Buckwashed!
Clean X
May 18, 2015 01:07 PM PDT
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The mic isn’t working well again, so I’m keeping the talking short and the actual content long……really long (and a tad lazy on my part) as I present ‘Backwash: The Best Of Wayne Butane’; a out-of-print ‘best of’ put out by Wayne Butane covering his early works of 1993 to 2003. It’s really a 72 ½ minute continuous track. So, you’re not use to his level of media barrage, this one might give you hemorrhoids. Plus, there’s some fits of corrosive language, so you might have to sit carefully.

Oh, and we open the show with a track ‘Open The Package’ from A Package From Wayne Butane by 41.


Wayne Butane: (current whereabouts) (hopelessly under-updated for the past 6 years)

Love and barrage,

Episode 38: Space Age Ash Tray
Clean X
February 25, 2015 01:41 PM PST
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Some of you might not remember a book I wrote and later self-published called Space Age Ash Tray and one couldn’t blame you; it was an obscure book (published through about an obscure topic (a personal reexamination of post-WW2 culture) by a VERY obscure author (me).

Well, not to let this topic and personal humility go, I have recently reformatted the book and its topic, added a lot of new material and mixed it all into a zine series of the same name. I liked the way it turned out so much that I ended up putting out the first two issues within a couple of months; an introduction issue and ‘The Xanadu Issue’! For further details about these issues, go to

To celebrate the rebirth of this project, you’re about to hear, more or less, a promotional ‘mix-tape’ I made when the book first appeared in 2008. Some of the artists you’ll hear are Attilo Mineo, Lord Buckley, Donald Fagen, Raymond Scott, Martin Denny, Julie London and a rare live performance from Esquivel! From The Stardust Lounge in Las Vegas.

BTW, you’re not going to hear my voice as the microphone I used for the project is not working well with my new PC, thus I’ll be on a search for a new one in the immediate future. In the meantime….


PS: My apologies for the use of the term ‘mix-tape’….again.

Episode 37: Non-Stop Weird!
Clean X
September 30, 2014 08:06 PM PDT
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Welcome to the 90’s and into the world of mix-tapes. Yup, we’re going mix tape again, only this time with pieces of a series of tapes called Non-Stop Weird put together by T. C. Costulis, who once did a zine called Wax Museum and hosted a radio show in Northern California. It’s generally found-sound/collage stuff by the likes of Monopause, Dead Airwaves, Born Again and a handful of T. C.’s own works.

Not much else to go on from here other than pressing the play button and getting past my short babbling about it on the show. A shout out to Bob Nelson for making copies of these tapes for me. It’s a real blast.

….and thanks, T. C. for the really sick sounds!...wherever you are!

Episode 36: Random Assness 2014
Clean X
August 13, 2014 08:59 PM PDT
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Another year and another round of “assness”; random whatevers and leftovers to kill some time and space. Some Xanadu-ness I couldn’t squeeze into the last Xanadu show, a dash of Burt-ness that didn’t find its way into the one hour Bacharach format, some new and old Exotica that didn’t fill up a show and so on.

Artists you’ll hear from will be Ding Dong Devils, Patton Oswalt, The Residents, Mr. Ho Orchestrotica, Spike Jones Jr., The Bran Flakes, some rare Credibility Gap and more!

Good luck with this one….again,


Episode 35: SNUGGLES!
Clean X
July 09, 2014 01:03 PM PDT
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Well, as if the 90’s nostalgia was getting bad enough, now that Casey Kasem has left the building, the smoldering residue of Negativland’s infamous 1991 ‘U2’ single is smelling things up again as the band has released a zip file of the multi-tracks of the single for fans to re-re-do in honor of Kasem and what’s left of copyrights:

Squeezed in this 85 minute audio-sorta-documentary is Casey’s un-outtake of his original dedication, Mark Hosler giving a lecture about episode, a recording of the first public performance of the ‘U2’ piece (from 1989, from the ‘These Guys Are From England’ CD), Crosley Bendix talking about the copyright laws, a testimony by Rev. Ivan Stang, and more. Oh, and a bit of brooding foreshadowing from a Don Joyce NPR interview from 1988!

For the longer version, check out National Cynical Network’s show on this similar topic, ‘NegatiVariations and Whatnot’ at . You’ll be more sick of this ‘U2/Snuggles’ shtick than NegBoys themselves.

Happy damned listening,

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