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Episode 32: A Slice Of The 1964/65 NYWF
Clean X
April 17, 2014 05:48 PM PDT
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This is the first of two shows marking the 50th anniversary of the 1964/1965 New York World’s Fair and it’s a random selection of audio related curiosities that we managed to squeeze into 90 minutes.

Large parts of this show are field recordings made by the Ray Dashner, who was so impressed with the fair during his first visit, he not only made many return visits, but got a portable tape recorder and taped as much of the fair as he could. He ended up with just over 10 hours of material. For this show, we follow him through GM’s Futurama and a show at the Hawaii Pavilion.

There other sounds of the fair provided by Al Fisher, World’s Fair Holiday and Walt Disney….and just a tad more.

If your still wondering what the hell this World’s Fair is all about, much less WHAT (or, to the point, WAS) a World’s Fair, we highly recommend Bill Young’s 1964-65 NYWF site at and Bill Cotter’s site at

Enjoy and thank you Mr. Dashner, wherever you are!

P. S.: One of the reasons I’m marking this World’s Fair occasion is that I wrote a book related to it, SPACE AGE ASH TRAY. You can sample and purchase this 2011 book at:

Episode 31: Old F*ck mix tape (podcast version)
Clean X
April 09, 2014 11:00 PM PDT
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Strike One: I just turned 50. Strike Two: I made a mix tape marking the occasion. Strike Three: I’m sharing it with you. ‘Nuff said!

Victims heard: George Carlin, Randy Newman, Wild Man Ficsher, Little Jack Horton, Charles Bukowski, Peggy Lee and too much more.


Episode 30: xanadu. Xanadu! XANADU!!! (Revisited) Part 1
Clean X
February 19, 2014 05:51 PM PST
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This is one of the two episodes that fell into the cracks. Fortunately for you (maybe), this revisited replacement pulls out all the stops and former time restrictions to give many versions of the song XANADU! two parts. The first part of this sugar-induced buffet we walk over as much cover version of this song as we can in one hour.

Artists in this one hour marathon include in order: Bob Downe, James Last, Javier Alvarez, LMP, Lounge-O-Leers, Mark S. Meritt, Picnic, Regine Velasquez, Ace Cannon, Andrew Scareface, Diandra Newlin, DJ Happy Vibes feat. JAZZMIN, Elektel, Miss Supertype, Felicitas Taylor, Kai Warner, Lightspeed Champion, and the London Starlight Orchestra

Bookmarking this mountain are pieces of the movie and a little something for you Broadway-themed fans!....wink wink nudge nudge…

Good luck with part one of this Xanadu-ness,

PS: a shout out must go to the web site ELO/DISCOVERY, who, in their capacity of a ELO fan site, has been bringing out the Xanadu big time for the past couple of months with downloading the original script and, JUST recently, photos of the Xanadu sessions with Olivia & Jeff Lynne!!

PPS: The piece of art used for this podcast posting is done by John Hagen and it’s was lifted from The Book Of the SubGenius. It was abused by yours truly….


Episode 29: A Piddle Diddle Disneyland (A Lazy Edit)
Clean X
December 26, 2013 08:58 AM PST
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I just got back from a two week sojourn through Florida; surviving many of its customs and toll booths, avoiding their caramel egg nog and encountering their art deco toilets.

…and then there’s The Mouse. The damned rat is pretty much everywhere. While strolling through the Magic Kingdom, I had two things in mind. The first was the Xanadu soundtrack on the iPod during many of Walt Disney World parades (I’ll choose my own cheery cheesy BGM, thank you very much).

Number two was this 1993 episode of Don Joyce’ radio show, Over The Edge where the noise group Negativland partakes in a false “live” broadcast from Disneyland with a lot of audio goofiness ensues like the world’s most unpublishable writer Rex Everything reading off urban legends (circa 1993) from his D-Land guide and The Weatherman riding many ride despite his germaphobia (sic).

The show is originally three hours long and what you have here is edited down to around 90 minutes.

Thanks Florida for an interesting time and for not killing me.


Episode 27: Screw The 1980's
Clean X
October 10, 2013 04:24 PM PDT
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Sure, every decade has its pluses and minuses, benefits to enjoy and crosses to bear, nostalgia to profit from and pissy noise to put up with and around here at the Hour Of Crap Garage, one decade provides the piss, puss and all around bad noise and it’s the dreaded 80’s: MTV, the political wasteland that discovered someone worse than Jimmy Carter, the hyperactive hubris that was the shopping mall, the destruction of Michael Jackson, you name it and we’ll bore you with more finger pointing (with the other finger).

Music of choice here will be from Devo, Mojo Nixon & Skid Roper, Dean & The Weenies, Culturside and more. Verbal bitching by John Waters and Henry Rollins (twice!!). We also get some comic relief (in a good way) by Weird Al Yankovic.

Enjoy the noise…and be glad that I didn’t include ‘Howard The Duck (Mega Mix)’ out of spite!